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Laser Hair Removal

Providing industry-leading, revolutionary laser hair removal treatments with the latest technology, PINKMINKNYC will exceed your expectations.

Laser Hair Removal is our Pride & Joy. 

Over a short span of 2 years we have treated over 3000+ customers of all skin & hair types.


Laser continues to be desired by men and women of all backgrounds and ethnicities due to the overall quality of hair loss it can provide along with less grooming and maintenance needs.


Where Pink Mink and Dr. Syed excel is the approach to every specific client, procedure comfortability, and above all RESULTS! At Pink Mink we guarantee the Best World Class Results in the Industry.


We specialize in removing abnormal or troubling hair growth in patients with but not limited to the following conditions:

  • PCOS

  • HS




How does it work?

The laser hair removal process is straightforward and painless. Here's a brief description and infographic on how it works...

hair-human-growth-cycle-science-260nw-401924713.jpg (1).jp2
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