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The appearance of a full head of hair is the crowning beauty for many women. No matter where you come from, it is highly desirable to have thick and full hair. The reality, however, is that many conditions lead to women suffering some form of hair loss. About 80% of women experience it by the time they reach 60 years of age.


  • Hormonal changes such as due to pregnancy or menopause

  • Female pattern baldness

  • Traction alopecia

  • Aging

  • Extreme stress

  • Side effects from medications such as with chemotherapy



  • Restored ConfidenceBeing able to look in the mirror and see your hair looking restored is a great confidence booster. You do not have to cover up and you can be assured to draw admiring glances rather than negative attention.

  • Faster and Long-Lasting ResultsThe effects of SMP procedures can easily last several years before you notice the need for a touch-up. This is much easier and lasting than other cosmetic options like wigs, weaves, hair fiber and spray on hair. You should see a gradual improvement in your appearance with each subsequent treatment session.

  • SafeBeing less invasive than transplants, this procedure is much safer and easier to recover from. In the hands of well-trained practitioners and a sterile clinical treatment environment, you can also be assured of minimal risk of infections. Organic pigments also reduce the risk of any bad reaction.

  • Quick RecoveryBecause SMP is minimally invasive, there is little disruption to routine. The procedure is typically painless, with any discomfort or minor pain treatable with numbing cream. There is usually some redness that lasts just a few hours after each session.

  • Cost SavingHair transplants can be less cost-effective and the procedure can sometimes produce unsatisfactory results. Cosmetic cover-ups like quality wigs and weaves can add up in cost over the years. With SMP you get a solution that will last you several years, with no special maintenance costs to keep up in the meantime. The cost of the procedure itself will mostly depend on the size of the scalp being worked on.


SMP is a premium hair loss treatment that requires specialized training and equipment. At PINK MINK, we have invested in state of the art technology and acquired specialized training from pioneers in the field of SMP. Our talented and award-winning team has successfully treated many men and women suffering different types of hair loss, allowing them to regain their looks and self-confidence.



Our practitioners are highly skilled, they were trained from the best world-renowed SMP academies to provide you with the most natural results.


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